Tuesday, March 27, 2007

To Sleep Over, or Not to Sleep Over.....That is the Question

Okay, so I have a delimma...one of Will's friends from school has asked him to sleep over, repeadedly. So far, I have held it off but his friend's mom is becoming more and more persistent. And neither Mark, nor I is ready for this venture yet.

We actually discussed this months ago, along with playdates and the like....we were both nervous about sending him off to other people's homes, especially school friends that we don't know that well yet. We are perfectly happy to have friends over here, but letting him go is more difficult....so, a couple of months ago, I let him walk to school with his friend and his mother and its gone on from there. He's had playdates, one even all day, at others homes, etc. I had let my guard down. So, when the overnight was mentioned - I was wishy-washy. I didn't stick to the planned answer of "Not until he's 25..." So, now I'm caught having to say something official to my friend, risking offending her - "Its not you, its me...." Haven't we all heard that somewhere before? But, I really mean it in this situation. I really think he would be fine, etc....I'm just not ready for that step in his life - and if I'm 100% not ready, his father is 150% not ready!

So, I was up until 3am this morning stressing about what to say, how to say it. I know I'm overreacting. I keep imagining if the shoe were on the other foot, I wouldn't be offended, I would understand....she is a wonderful, caring woman that I really like and I just don't want her to ever feel like it has anything to do with them...So, I am asking for advise. Anyone have any????

Friday, March 16, 2007

One More Step Towards Reality!

We had our first event at Mosaic yesterday. We are not officially open, but we need to practice our barista skills so we have a few events in the next couple of weeks to allow us to do that. So, yesterday we hosted some local Nazarene pastors for a luncheon. Bree and I we behind the counter, making mostly mochas....it was fun and frustrating all at the same time. There is a lot to think about and when you add in the pressure of someone waiting for their drink, it can be scary. But, we made it! We served everyone and managed to not look too much like some sort of comedy routine!

We spent most of our day yesterday at Mosaic. Its fun to hang out there imagining all of the people who will come and be served. The family room is pretty much all set up, we are going to paint a tree and maybe some flowers on the wall but other than that, its got the padded floor in, the kitchen, slide, books, etc...its really cute! Will and Lora played there most of the evening...I love how much they love it there! Just one more step towards reality!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

A First Taste

The espresso machines were delivered and installed yesterday in Mosaic...so exciting. Mark brought me a latte yesterday afternoon and this morning, Bree delivered me an extra hot, vanilla latte TO MY DOOR! I could get used to having a coffeehouse literally 50 yards from my front door! It was wonderful - I'm going to head down there this afternoon to practice my barista skills...it is really happening.

I'm supposed to be writing an article for the Mosaic newsletter, which is to go out on Monday. My topic is "What are my hopes and dreams for Mosaic?" I don't really consider myself a writer. In fact, this blog is really my first attempt since college at any type of writing...and I don't really think of this as "real" writing - even compared to other blogs. For me, it is more a way to vent, get my thoughts out and keep my friends and family informed on my life. So, I haven't written a word for my article. The blank page intimidates me. I instantly feel insecure, like I have noting relevant to say.

I have many hopes and dreams for Mosaic...In fact, I can't really think about it without tearing up. I flash back to Mark, Heidi and I sitting around our kitchen table around three years ago - we were just talking, sharing our hearts about how we wanted church to be different....how we were tired of the status quo, same-old same-old way of "doing" church....we wanted something radical that got back to the essence of what Christ talked about in the gospels. So someone, not sure which one of us (I'm sure Mark will take the credit), came up with the idea of a coffeehouse. It morphed from a dream to a vision to now, a reality. I envision a place where people, all different kinds of people - young, old, rich, poor, singles, families, kids, grandparents, Christians, non-Christians (whatever that means) could all be together in community. I want a place where people who might never come to a church service would feel comfortable, maybe not even realizing that they are in a church, being loved by Christ. Not in a fake, Amway salesman kind of way - but sincerely, with no expectation of them ever stepping foot in our sanctuary on a Sunday morning. If someone wanted to come on a Sunday, great - but no expectations.

Through some situations out of our control, the coffeehouse will be run on a donation, pay what you can, basis. We are working on the wording of how to convey this idea. A couple of things that people have come up with are "What is it worth to you?" and the word "Priceless" - meaning, we think you are priceless and our products are priceless. I love both of these ideas because I have to constantly evaluate, what is it worth to me? What is this relationship with Christ worth to me? What is living in community worth to me? What are these people that I call my friends and family worth to me? And out of that - How do I show them that they are worth everything to me? How do I treat people to convey that they are priceless? Do I do that at all?

I'm hoping and praying that through this endeavor, we will have an opportunity to express to our friends and neighbors that they are priceless to God and to us...that they are worth being in community with - not for any other reason than that they are human beings, loved by God, created to live in fellowship with Him and others. That and a really good latte...those are just a few of my hopes and dreams for Mosaic.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Trying Something New...

So I know, its cruel to post about his sister for days and then put up a picture like this...but I thought it was too great. Another picture to save for the wedding slide show....

Lora Glaphre Woodward

She was born at 8:40pm....after only 6 hours of induced labor, with an epidural for at least 3 of those hours...her father was the first human to touch her. The midwife looked at him and said "Do you want to catch her?" So he did. He wasn't into the whole "cord cutting" thing, but catch her he did. They put her on my stomach, she cried a little, of course she was beautiful. Dark black hair, perfect features, little eyes, tightly shut....She weighed a perfect 7 lbs 7 oz...not too big, not too small. She was perfect.

And she still is, in my estimation. She is funny, smart, beautiful, loving. This morning, I told her "Happy Birthday!" to which she replied, "Happy Birthday to me? To me? Lora Glaphre Woodward?" I said, "Yes, Happy Birthday to you!" and she said "Oh thank you mommy...thank you for saying Happy Birthday!"

So, again, I say....Happy Birthday Lora Glaphre Woodward!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

She's Growing Up

I realize that I've written a lot of posts about my daughter recently, but she's kind of at a pivotal point in her life. I know, she's just turning three, but three can be pivotal. Tomorrow is her last day at school....she has had the same teacher since she was 6 months old and tomorrow is her last day with Mary Ellen. Which is sad in itself, but another subject for another day.

Lora turns 3 on Thursday! I can't believe it! We just walked Will to school and stopped at Starbucks on our way home and she sat with me at a table, drinking her hot cocoa and eating her cookie chatting with me and dancing to the music in the background. I cannot explain to you what a delight she is in my life...both of my children are, but this week is about Lora - Thankfully Will can't read yet! Anyway, I remember holding her at 3AM the night that we got her diagnosis, crying...praying....wondering what life was going to look like...I kept getting this picture of this sad little girl sitting in a corner, quiet, bored....Very quickly, from God, I believe, this sense of peace washed over me and I felt God saying to me, "At three months old, if she is not happy or is hungry or even happy, she lets you know....why would it be any different at three..." But I still wasn't sure what life would look like. But, as I sat with her today at Starbucks talking about the green straws in our drinks and the yummy cookie she was eating and what color cupcakes she wants for her birthday party (pink by the way)...I felt God say to me..."See what I mean?"

Happy birthday Lora....you are a blessing beyond anything I could have ever imagined...