Monday, August 28, 2006

Monday Monday....

I'm in a bad mood today...I have a headache, Lora woke up last night and didn't get back to sleept for a couple of, I took it out on my husband and we got in a big fight, ending with him taking the kids to the store. Which puts me in a dilemma...fight = me at home with no kids watching The People's Court and blogging. Not a bad equation. I probably still need to make up with my husband.....And I promise not to start using fights to get some time alone.

On a better note, we found a pre-school for Will. We joined the Wallingford Co-op preschool. It sounds like fun, it is less expensive than other preschools but one of us has to work one day a week. Which actually is nice because we are more involved that way. So, on Sept 18th, Will will start going to school Mon-Thurs from 1:0-3:45. I think he will love it! It will give him something more active to do and more kids to be friends with. And, we will meet more families in our community which is good too. I'm excited, just bracing myself for the busy Fall ahead.

Wednesday is Will's 4th birthday, time goes so fast. Partially because we are so busy......

Friday, August 25, 2006

Being Vegetarian, not so much...

I was a vegetarian for two days this week. I went on a Detox diet. I cut out meat, sugar, coffee, refined flour and just about everything else except fruit, veggies, beans, milk, yogurt, a few grains and water. I added coffee back on the second day...I added meat back on the third, lean meat mind you, but meat nontheless. I was supposed to make it nine days! I'm such a wimp, but I have lost 9 pounds since Tuesday. I felt so tired and cranky and headachy. That could have been the caffeine...but I feel better now. I'm still eating really healthy, but having a little meat with dinner. I think its hard to be vegetarian if you don't like tofu and I don't like tofu.

I remember when I was in high school, on one of my many diets, my mom bought tofu and brought it home. She told me that it takes on the flavor of whatever you put with it. As if! She made me a strawberry milkshake with tofu in it, I could totally taste it...I think we may have even tried it in lasagna...gross. I don't care what anyone says, it has a weird taste and texture that I just can't get over. Mind you, I have many weird food issues but I just can't do it. So I don't. As such, I will probably never be vegetarian, that and the love of red meat thing......

On another note, I'm reading "The Nanny Diaries" and really like it. It is a fun brainless read. Just recently, I read "The Secret Life of Bees". That is a really good book too, I highly recommend it.

I'm going to try to post every day so, they may become more and more random, just a warning!

Monday, August 07, 2006

A Beautiful Day

Hi, I know I'm a loser....I just haven't felt inspired to blog recently. Its been HOT here, I'm not a hot weather person. In fact, Mark and I were thinking the other day about the fact that we almost moved to Yuma, Arizona! We cannot believe that we ever even considered it. We both hate hot weather so much. It was when we were still living in Oklahoma...we were ready to get out there and start pastoring. We went and interviewed in Yuma, liked the people and the DS, get a unanimous vote from the board and decided to let the church vote on us. We waited our two weeks and then on Saturday night, before they were supposed to vote on Sunday, we got a call from the DS saying that the church had decided not to vote on us. Aparently, they had a faction in the church that didn't want a pastor, they wanted to save money and move the church out to the suburbs and then get a pastor. We were disappointed, but felt like it might not have been a good fit if they wanted to move out of the city, we love the city. And, in the meantime, we had received a call to come for an interview in California and we moved to the Bay Area not too long after that. San Francisco was definately a better fit for us. It all ALMOST makes me believe in providence!!

I was thinking about that yesterday as Mark and I and the kids went with our friend Lori on a ferry yesterday from West Seattle over to Southworth. It was a beautiful day, perfect really. Mt. Rainier was incredible - so clear. The Olympics were gorgeous. We drove up to one of our favorite little towns, Poulsbo. Drove back down to Gig Harbor and spent an hour or so with Mark's was wonderful and none of this could have been done in Yuma, Arizona. I think God does love me!