Friday, July 13, 2007

A Visit from an Old Friend.....

I'm sitting here, waiting for a visit from an old friend. I haven't seen Christy in close to ten years, but we were best friends all through high school. Its funny how you can have someone who is so integral to your life for a good 8 years or so and then, not talk to them for literally 10. Maybe I'm unique in that defect...but I'm horrible about keeping in contact with friends who live far away. We were inseperable in high school, kept in contact through college (even though she went to SPU and I headed to NNU), I was a bridesmaid in her wedding....then there is a huge chasm. I think I visited her in her new apartment after she was married a couple of times and then nothing.

I actually started thinking about her a couple of years ago and "googled" her, I sort of kept track of her through mutual friends...I knew she and her husband had moved to Illinois...tried to find an e-mail address and then, out of the blue, got a Christmas card from her. She had heard that we were pastoring at SFC so she sent the card to the church. So, we e-mailed a couple of times but haven't talked or seen each other....I'm excited...

I wonder if we will still have any connection? Me with my peanut butter smudged shirt, not quite done hair, kids in tow....I'm hoping that we will pick up where we left off, like no time has passed...Who knows? But I'm really excited to see her!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Innocence of Children...

On Sunday, Mark, the kids and I went out to lunch with some friends after church. I took Will to the bathroom towards the end of lunch and deleting out the "poop" talk, here is our conversation:

Will: Mommy, why do kids have to go to the bathroom with their parents?
Me: Well, its just not safe for kids to go to the bathroom by themselves.
Will: Why?
Me: Well, a stranger, who might not be nice could come in and hurt you....(I said unsure of how to word it so as not to scar him for life...)
Will: What would they do?
Me: Uh, well...
Will: Well, they could put my head in the toilet and then flush it...that would hurt.

Cracked me up...

Saturday, July 07, 2007


I just wanted to say that I love living in Wallingford and I love that Mosaic is a part of this community....this week, we were contacted by Will's "Buddy" from John Stanford Elementary (they pair up first grade families with each of the new Kindergarteners coming in) So, the mom contacted us via e-mail to set up a time to meet...Mark e-mailed her back and she said "Wait a minute...are you the Mark and Christa from Mosaic? We've played with your kids..." We set up a time to meet at the park and I recognized her right away. It was so nice to already feel connected.

We participated in the Wallingford kids parade today and walking back, we stopped and got cupcakes and I chatted with another mom at Wallingford center who is a "regular" at Mosaic. Then, as we were walking home, the Wallingford Boys and Girls Club was marching and they announcer said that they had just remodeled their space and I was reminded that they were the 10% charity for Mosaic a couple of months back...and I thought, "we were a part of that". We walked down 44th to come home and ran into Susan who chatted with us for a few minutes, another is so nice to feel connected and Mosaic is the reason for that connection with each of these people. It just feels so good to be a part of the community that I live in and I didn't feel that way before makes me feel like we are accomplishing what we set out to do and I love it!

Live Earth

I've been watching the Live Earth concert this evening. I have to admit that I'm a star struck, music junkie and seeing all of these acts together excites me deeply. Mark thinks I'm a complete weirdo, but I got so excited to see Duran Duran, the Police, the Red Hot Chili Peppers and right now, Lenny Kraviz is rocking the house. Mark got slightly excited by Pink Floyd...its amazing to me. It so reminds me of Live Aid...yes, I am old.

I started to write this big paragraph about where is the church in during Live Aid, I wondered the same thing. But that promotes such an "us and them" mentality...its incredible how little it takes to make a difference in our environment and we need to start doing something - especially those of us in the church who are very slow when it comes to the environment.

But, mostly, tonight, I'm amazed by how many freakin' great musicians there are in the world...I mean, someone like Ant from the Chili Peppers is this weird, freaky little guy who sometimes goes on stage naked, looking like an idiot...but he is really an incredible bass player....

Switch to energy efficent lightbulbs and unplug your phone chargers when you're not using them! That's not too hard.....